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Senior Move Masters serves the San Diego County senior community by providing caring, compassionate, and professional relocation services. Our team works with seniors and their families in all phases of moving, from planning to packing to settling into a new home.

We help you make choices about what to take with you and help you donate unwanted items. Then, utilizing a customized moving timeline and checklist, we orchestrate all packing, moving and unpacking activities. When the movers arrive at your new residence, we carefully, efficiently, and gracefully settle you into your new home.

What's included?

Our Services

  • Space planning assistance
  • Resources for disposal of items: donation, consignment, estate sales, liquidators, etc.
  • Packing and labeling of all household items designated for your new home
  • Complete unpacking and removal of all boxes and debris
  • All electronic equipment re-connected and ready to use
  • Artwork placed and hung

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