Professional Partners

We at Senior Move Masters understand that the key to a successful transition is communication.

Feeling right at home at the end of moving day, by Senior Move Masters Whether the move is being arranged by family or by professionals entrusted with the care of a senior, the more people who are involved in a move, the more essential good communication is to its success!

“As Realtors we have referred SMM many times to clients, but it was when we needed them for family members and then ourselves that we learned how truly valuable they are. They take the worry and over-thinking right on out of the moving equation. Love them! ”  Tom and Peggy Cozens, Sea Coast Exclusive Properties

After we meet with your client for a free consultation, we will let you know how we can make their move easy for them, and for you! We have refined the moving process so that once the preparation is complete, the packing and unpacking of the new home happens in just 2 days. That means that at the end of the move-in day, your client will be able to relax in their new home after it has been completely set up: closets and cabinets arranged, television and computer reconnected, and the beds made!

We begin by helping every one of our clients overcome the first hurdle of making a move: deciding what will fit and what to do with everything else! We start the process with a space plan so it is easier to visualize how the new home will look, and then we provide as much help as is needed to sort through what they already have. To “blend the rest back into the universe” in a manner that makes sense for your client’s situation we work with reputable estate sale hosts, antiques buyers and liquidators, as well as non-profit groups throughout San Diego County. Groups supporting displaced people, foster youth, homeless families and service member organizations come to us when they have a need, and we can help our clients feel better about donating items that will have an immediate effect on the lives of those in their community.

Senior Move Masters can help make your job easier by providing referrals for service providers that we have found to be trustworthy for our clients. We hold our resources to a high standard of timeliness, transparency, courtesy and prompt attention when we call on them. We share these priceless resources with our clients because we know it will help make their transition happen seamlessly. We stay in communication with everyone playing a part in the move, whether they are aiding in the choice of assisted living, selling the home, loading the moving truck, shipping family heirlooms across country, arranging an estate sale or the clean-out of a home or apartment.

We make ourselves the center of communication so that you don’t have to field dozens of questions from different vendors, letting you focus on the concerns of your client, and the rest of the clients that you also serve!

Here is a list of some of the professionals we have been able to assist in their clients’ transitions:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Fiduciary and Financial Planners
  • Trust Attorneys
  • Geriatric Care Managers
  • Senior Placement Specialists

“I have worked with Senior Move Masters for over eight years.  All staff from top to bottom have exceeded my expectations.  They are not just professional but they CARE.  They make every effort to assist me even with my unique situations.  They have helped in decedent estates with challenging issues regarding personal property – packing and storing – to offering personal assistance for a client who has limited ability to get out on her own.  Responsive –Professional and Caring.”  Leslie Hayes Carrillo, CTFA Vice President – Sr. Relationship Manager, FIRST AMERICAN TRUST, FSB